Pitching to us...

Besides the mandatory *investment criteria* the following best practice tools will assist entrepreneurs pitch their idea to Black Citrus and their partner investment pools.

Be passionate

Investors are looking for entrepreneurs that are driven and focused solely on their business idea. The purpose of any form of investment by BlackCitrus is so that the entrepreneur can focus on growing their business organically without the constraints of inadequate technological expertise and finance that can hinder a good idea.

Investors generally look for entrepreneurs that are passionate and dedicated to their business model on a full-time basis – a good idea needs commitment on behalf of the entrepreneur.

Market concepts
  • Avoid Small markets… Scalability is key!
  • Have a secret strategy that hasn't been performed before.
  • Facebook is the new consumer Internet.
  • ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy involves creating a new product in a new market. While this strategy can prove successful initially, there are risks involved with being the ‘first-mover’ – risks such as future competitive uncertainty and the large debt involved with Blue Ocean companies.
  • Marketplaces start with the demand side.
Know your customer
  • Have clarity of your target segments - Demographics / Specific market?
  • Is it a buyer of a specific kind of person: Gatekeeper, Influencer, Decision Maker & the Champion
Articulate what you are making

Product or service - Shouldn't have to ask what it is, otherwise it can be deemed as “fluff”.

Keep it simple
  • Simple ideas rather than complexity, limiting the steps to revenue.
  • Pursue single revenue streams and markets - fragmentation is not attractive.
Pitch structure
  • My business [business name]
    is developing [a defining offer
    ]to help [a target audience]
    [solves a problem]
    with [a secret/innovative idea]


introduce yourself
Introduce yourself.
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