An Introduction To BlackCitrus Technology

BlackCitrus offers a full range of business services to its clients. From legal advice, to digital design, development and marketing solutions, to the implementation of your new digital solution, the BlackCitrus team can assist you with all aspects of your business and help you grow.

BlackCitrus Technology provides a wide range of digital solutions to businesses throughout Australia, London, Tokyo, Beijing and America.

BlackCitrus has a strong network of partnerships with a wide range of firms throughout the above-mentioned locations. We utilise these partnerships to assist our clients in meeting their goals while growing their business.

With a wide range of skills and competencies, BlackCitrus can assist you with the development, implementation and management of your new digital solution, ranging from websites, Android and iPhone Applications through to managing a digital marketing strategy to help you promote your new digital solution.

blackcitrus technology skills and resources

BlackCitrus Technology has a strong team with a wide range of skills and competencies. We provide support to businesses with various requirements and platforms.

Website Development

The BlackCitrus Development team are able to develop in the following program languages and platforms:

  • HTML / HTML5 
  • CSS / CSS3 
  • SASS and SASS with SMACSS 
  • Responsive Frameworks including Bootstrap and Foundation
  • XML 
  • C#, ASP.Net / ASP.Net MVC
  • C++ 
  • Ajax 
  • JavaScript such as AngularJS
  • JSP 
  • Node.JS 
  • JQuery 
  • Python 
  • Ruby on Rails 
  • Perl 
  • Bash 
  • PHP / CakePHP 
  • Squarespace 5 & 6 
  • WordPress 

Hosting and 3rd Party Providers

BlackCitrus Technology partners with a variety of 3rd party providers to assist with our clients hosting and service requirements.

Some of our hosting and 3rd party providers include:

  • Amazon Web Hosting (AWS)
  • AWS Heroku
  • Rackspace
  • Uber Hosting and Domain Management Services
  • Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Shopify

Database Development

BlackCitrus Technology can fully integrate with custom, off-the-shelf or existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Content Management Systems (CMS) to meet individual customers’ requirements. 

The BlackCitrus Database Development team is proficient in the following database servers:

  • MS SQL
  • MySQL

Smartphone / Tablet Application Development

In conjunction with the above website and database development teams, BlackCitrus Technology also specialises in smartphone and tablet application development.

  • iOS 
  • Android 


Using SEO (Search Engine optimisation) greatly increases visibility online and ranking in search results. This means customers find you first and not your competition. You can then capitalise on your online and offline advertising, greatly increasing your R.O.I. BlackCitrus is a boutique service which means you have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts managing your website. 

  • We work closely with you for best results 
  • Target the correct demographics 
  • On-site optimisation for increased conversions
  • Pay-per-click marketing campaigns
  • Authentic website traffic generation

Graphic Design and 3D Animation

BlackCitrus also has a team dedicated to digital design & graphics to assist with the web and app development process.

Our graphic design and 3D animation proficiencies include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • SVG

Data Retention and Disaster Recovery

BlackCitrus Technology can implement data retention and disaster recovery strategies for your business to assist with recovering critical information in the event of any outages.

We also implement these solutions in-house with all client information and website builds. We ensure that all our clients’ information is backed-up and stored on secure servers to eliminate the accidental accessing of our clients confidential information from parties who are not privileged to this information.

Furthermore, we can also assist our clients in ensuring they have the appropriate backup strategies in place for all their critical data.

IT Infrastructure

BlackCitrus Technology team's primary focus is the implementation and management of technology infrastructure solutions such as general-purpose servers, web servers, backup solutions and other infrastructure solutions required to support our clients business operations.

BlackCitrus Technology has the resources to build and configure a range of server operating systems; such as domain functionality, email server functionality, web functionality and DNS functionality just to name a few.

BlackCitrus Technology also provides a wide range of hosted services as opposed to on-premise solutions, which are proving to be more cost-effective for small businesses.

Our infrastructure proficiencies include:

  • Windows Server Operating Systems 
  • Windows Desktop Operating Systems 
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 
  • Apple OS X Server Version 3
  • Apple OS X Desktop and Notebook Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMWare
  • AntiVirus Solutions
  • Linux Operating Systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, SUSE)
  • Unix Operating System
  • Network Services (DSL, Wireless Cable, Fibre) Installation, Management and Configuration
  • Firewall Installations and Configurations (Hardware and Software)
  • Anti-SPAM Servers and Filtering (Hardware and Software)
  • Mail Servers Installation and Configuration
  • UPS Devices Installation and Configuration
  • SAN Installations and Configuration
  • Backup Solutions (Off-site and On-site – Cloud and Disk based)
  • Smartphone Configuration and Training
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