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we invest funding & technology in to seed and early stage web based businesses.

BlackCitrus invests in online based established businesses providing entrepreneurs with the expertise, resources, and capital required to structure, develop, market, manage, and scale web based businesses and applications for immediate growth.

An investment by BlackCitrus can provide the capital, resources, and team required to scale your business allowing you to focus on the organic growth of the business.

BlackCitrus generally invests in start-up or established businesses for equity. Venture Capital Firms generally don't invest in seed opportunities preferring to invest in established businesses with organic growth & proven revenue streams. They often require capital to be allocated towards advisory, structure, marketing, and development.

An investment by BlackCitrus can provide resources either directly, or through Boston Group's network. An investment can provide corporate advice & structure, design, web & app development, branding, graphics, social media marketing services, PR services and a team consistently liaising with investment firms, banks, VC's, and Angels to execute partial exit strategies and/or raise additional capital as required.

BlackCitrus is a subsidiary of the Boston Group of companies.

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