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Wordpress API for Beginners

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
How to build API in Wordpress. 1. Brief History In the beginning, Wordpress was meant as a blogging website and there was little support for API development. Although you can probably modify some rewrite rules to some custom plugin folder to create API in Wordpress, this does requires a lot of work on the developer's side to get it set up. Recently one of the Wordpress plugin called "WP REST API" got integrated into the core library of Wordpress v4.4. This has provided quick and robust way for creating API, which make the developers life much easier. Older version of Wordpress can still install the version 1 of WP REST API to get it working. 2. How to create a simple API This tutorial will only show you a brief sample of outputting API response. It is assumed you have some knowledge of Wordpress and PHP coding. The sample code below can be placed in either as part of a theme directory, or a plugin directory. I prefer to place it inside a custom plu Read More

List Display Comparison for Android

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
Hello, My name is Raymond, and I'm a BlackCitrus Engineer. Today, I am going to compare the different views for displaying a list, and when to use each of these. These are: ScrollView ListView (with BaseAdapter) ListView (with MergeAdapter) RecyclerView (with RecyclerAdapter) So why is list display so important in Android? This is because apps usually have to display a data set and a list view is effective in doing so. Furthermore, it is important to choose the right list view, as some of the problem for choosing an incorrect view may result in: You rewriting a lot of code to cater for client's change request. (code maintence) Affecting the performance of your app if you want to show complex 3D type of data set. (Performance) 1. ScrollView This is the most simplest display for data set in Android. You simply put your content inside the <ScrollView></ScrollView> tags and it is done. The advantage of using a ScrollView is that i Read More

AirService Update

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
AirService is now providing branded mobile ordering solutions for GPT Group, Lend Lease and Jones Lang LaSalle, with the newly formed Vicinity Centres scheduled for the new year. Former Wallabies captain George Gregan has joined the AirService family, with his Gregan Group coming onboard as a client with their 25+ venues around Australia. After dissatisfaction with their current mobile ordering solution, the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust turned to AirService and have brought the SCG and Allianz Stadium on board. Village Roadshow is shaping up as a major AirService client, with selected cinemas and now Village Roadshow Theme Parks (Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild Water World). AirService has been confirmed as providing the app and mobile ordering solution for Roadchef in the UK. Roadchef operates 30 roadside service areas across Britain, and has over 44million customer visits per year. We’re anticipating that the integ Read More

ATP innovations article

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
( It’s time for the big corporates to stop advising the start-up space and start backing it — there are a lot of opportunities they are advising on which they could add significant value to.” Stephen Moss is feeling unwell today, but he remains undeterred. “We estimate the demand for investment for start-ups is around $6 billion to $8bn, those are solid ideas we’re talking about, and the supply, it’s just $90 million,” he says. Moss is the chief executive of BlackCitrus, which he founded with Pezh Moradi, now the company’s chief operating officer. For the past two and a half years, Moss and Moradi have been fielding hundreds of requests for seed funding, investing anywhere between $500,000 to $3m at a time. “It started off qu Read More

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